I’ve Got Your 6.


There’s nothing quite like saying goodbye to your husband, watching your husband say goodbye to your kids, watching your kids say goodbye to their father. I know a lot of people have seen military homecoming videos and they say “Oh this is so incredible, I can’t imagine what those families sacrifice for that soldier’s service!” Even if I typed everything out, all the holidays and events missed, all the anniversaries and birthdays spent worlds apart.. I still wouldn’t be able to express the toll it takes on a family. Not only for us, the ones at home, but for the soldiers too.

Could you imagine watching your children grow up on Facebook? Seeing the birth of your daughter through pictures, or watching a video of your sons first steps. We send Christmas presents through the mail, and wish each other happy birthday over the phone. The time difference makes it incredibly difficult to talk to each other, one going to sleep when the other is waking up.

Put yourself in the shoes of a military wife. Put yourself in my shoes. Take the person you love the most in the world, (aside from your kids) and drop them a of couple continents away. Could you do it? Could you stay strong, while your family is all around you with their husbands, fiances, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends.. You see couples at the store, families at the park. Kids holding their father’s hand in photos. Going to bed alone is nice for the first few nights, I will admit, but it gets incredibly depressing after awhile. Especially after a long difficult day when all you want is to crawl into bed next to your husband and fall asleep.

Military wives are told to “stay strong” and “be positive” because “at least it isn’t a year” or “at least this is the last time.” Instead of those cliches, why don’t people say “do you need anything?” or “let me know if I can help you!” All we want is for someone to be there.


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