Potterheads Everywhere Mourn Today.

Today I heard really terrible news. Alan Rickman, our dearest Professor Severus Snape, passed away. I’ve been alive for some time now, and I’ve lived through my fair share of celebrity deaths but this one hits me right in a very soft spot of my heart. When I was growing up, I typically wasn’t one to play outside or play anything really. I read books. I read Harry Potter. I was five years old when I read The Philosophers Stone, (thanks to my ex-stepbrother for forcing it on me) and after that I read every book as it was released. I saw every single movie in theaters, and while some characters and plotlines did not meet my expectations, Alan Rickman was not one of them. He was the only person who I could imagine portraying Snape, bringing the character from the books to the screen. He was so easy to hate, his acting stayed incredibly true to the way Rowling wrote the character. But in the end, he made every single one of us sob uncontrollably.

Every one of us learned so many lessons from Harry Potter. We learned friendship, loyalty, how to be accepting, we learned that there is no limit to the knowledge your mind can hold. We learned about loss, war, death and about the misuse of power. But mostly, we learned about love. Love within families, love between friends, love that was lost, love that was never experienced. Snape was the one who taught us what it means to love someone your whole life and never ever stop. We all felt the ache in our chests when Harry sees his memories of Lily, we all felt his pain as we realized that he lived his entire life in love with a woman who married another and then was killed. Alan Rickman is what brought that to life for us. He took what JK wrote in her glorious books and he made it real.

In my opinion, he was one of the greatest actors I’ve ever been lucky enough to watch. Anyone who knows me knows what Harry Potter means to me, and also knows how hard I cry whenever I read or watch the Deathly Hallows. Today is a very sad day for not only me, but all Potterheads. We raise our wands to you, Alan..

Your train is waiting.


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